Recruitment Process

  • Register your CV now

    Your CV will be added to our database & a consultant will contact you to discuss your needs.

  • Meet

    There is no better way to understand your needs than to meet face-to-face

  • Consultant

    You will work 1-2-1 with a highly experienced consultant with directly related industry experience.

  • Transparent

    Unless confidential and instructed by the employer, we will always tell you who you will be applying to. We believe strongly that you need to know who the company is we will be sending your CV to as 1. we want to make sure you highlight all & any directly related skills/experiences which will help you standout as the perfect candidate, & 2. it’s very important that you actually want to work for the employer we send you to. Our role is not only to sell the employers we work with to you, it is also our job to make sure we sell you as best we can to these employers. Yes we are salespeople & it is our job to sell your skills, however, we can’t do this properly without your input, so we will ask lots of questions.

  • Jobs

    Due to our deep relationships with employers, we often work on a sole supplier basis meaning we can provide you with best possible service. Our ability, however, to ultimately find you a job, does depend on what jobs we are actively working.

  • Honest

    We will be totally honest with you. We will give feedback (good or bad) and if we are not able to help you right now, we’ll say.

  • Commitment

    Once we have discussed a job or employer with you, all we ask is that you keep the name of the employer we are sending you to confidential. There are many reasons for this, but the most important to you is that by doing this, it will protect you & give you the best possible chance.

  • Others

    You may already be registered with other agencies & consultants. This can increase your visibility and potential opportunities, however, all agencies & consultancies are not alike, it’s important to judge correctly who you want to represent you.

  • CV & LinkedIn Support

    In such a highly competitive consumer market, it is critical that your CV and LinkedIn stand out. To help, we have exclusively partnered with The CV Squad, the industry’s leading premium CV & LinkedIn Profile Writing Specialists.